Colour Innovation Series: Purple Love



Did you know that in ancient times, you’d have to grind as much as 12,000 hard-to-find shells to create a small amount of pigment for purple cloth? The complexity and expense to create this magnificent colour made it the preferred colour of the ruling class. Fast forward a few thousand years, this fantastic shade is now easier to produce BUT the prestige and glamour of the colour purple remain.

The colour Purple is a unique combination of hot red and cool blue. This combination brings together red’s passion and blue’s authority to create a distinct shade that’s fit for royalty.

Apart from royalty and luxury, the colour purple connotes dignity and intellect. In eastern cultures, purple is used to evoke balance and calmness, as well as to invigorate imagination and inspiration.

All the symbolism related to purple creates a fantastic shade that adds sophistication and serenity to any interior.

Create a stylish and luxurious interior with the colour purple!


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