Daybed Wonders!

Daybeds are a wonderful and versatile addition to your living space. 

Daybeds are a wonderful and versatile addition to your living space. Smart, sleek and multi-functional, daybeds can help expand your living space as it can both act as a cosy couch to lounge around during the day and be able to transform into a comfy sleeping surface during the night for you or your guests.


Choosing the right daybed

 When buying a daybed online or in-store, be sure to consider the following:


Ask yourself, ‘Will the daybed match your current décor?’  Get a daybed that is chic, simple and versatile, like our Napper daybed.


The Napper is a three-seater daybed that features a modern contemporary design with its tufted seats and gorgeous leg choices. This single-size daybed’s sleek style can fit into any décor perfectly.



Next, consider the functionality of a daybed. With living areas getting smaller and smaller, each addition to our space must serve more than one purpose. Choose a daybed that can do more for your space, like our Zeal daybed.


The Zeal gives more bang for your buck as it features a smart, stylish design. This three-seater sofa comes with adjustable ends that can be individually reclined three ways – flat, recline or high. This multi-functional daybed is three-in-one as it can be transformed into a single bed, a daybed or a sofa.



Lastly, consider the size of the daybed. As it serves more than one function – a couch by day and a bed by night, it must be spacious enough to fit your needs. Choose a daybed with a versatile size, like our I-double daybed.


The I-double is a spacious couch that can easily sit three. What’s nice about the I-double is that it can transform into two bed sizes – either a single bed or a queen size bed! Using the iDouble as a queen sized bed is easy and can be done in a matter of seconds – just place the top seat beside the base to create one full bed.

With this daybed, be able to host a visiting friends, may it be one or two, comfortably. 

Whether you’re looking for something stylish and comfortable for the living room or an extra bed for the guest-room-slash-study-area, these space-saving day beds are the perfect investment for your interiors.


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