As living spaces get smaller and smaller, we need to be smart in choosing the perfect sofa bed that fits our lifestyle. Expand your living space with smart solutions!

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Four months into 2017 and and we’re totally loving the trends that’s coming our way!  

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Daybeds are a wonderful and versatile addition to your living space. 

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Read These Tips Before You Decide To Pick Up Your New Sofa Bed

Get the Perfect Sofa Bed For Your Living Space With These Simple Tips

Why is Innovation Living the Leader of the Pack?

Innovation Living is at the epicentre of design throughout the world and has emerged as the leader in innovation, style and functionality....

Why Use Sofa Beds?

It should not be a question of why you should choose a sofa bed, but instead it should be a question of why not choose a sofa bed! Stylish,...

You Wouldn't Even Know They Are A Sofa Bed

The times seem to be changing in all aspects of life every time we look around and these changes are flowing through to the home. The changes can...
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