Home Trends You’ll See in 2017

Four months into 2017 and and we’re totally loving the trends that’s coming our way!


From what we’ve seen, 2017 is the year where quality continuous to reign supreme over quantity. But what’s different this year is the dominance of smart, innovative designs, the rise of the bespoke and the artisanal and the further emphasis on creature comforts.


Here are the top trends that we’re loving which can help you expand your living space!

01 Mixed Textures

2017 seems to be all about the juxtaposing contrasting textures. Sleek and flat designs have dominated interior design for the past years and it is high time for us design-mavens to play up our texture game.


Pro-tip: The trio of Metal + Wood + Plush textures creates a stunning modern style vibe when used in any room!


Our Clubber King Single Sofa Bed with Walnut Arms is a perfect example of this year’s mixed texture trend. This gorgeous 3-seater sofa bed brings together plush upholstery textures, gorgeous walnut veneer in its arms and a modern pair of chrome steel legs. The combination of these materials creates a very stylish sofa bed that’s on-trend!

 Clubbed King Single Sofa Bed


02 Artisanal Luxe

As mentioned earlier, quality is king this 2017. The past decade has been obsessed with Pinterest-worthy DIYs that, to be honest, look very unfinished. With 2017, things artisanal, high-d and finely-crafted replaces the quick and easy look of the DIY. Choose statement pieces that flaunts exquisite, high-end craftsmanship instead of something raw and upcycled.



03 Faux Materials

2017 is all about maximising style without breaking the bank. Designers are turning their eye on faux materials for budget-friendly and reliable alternatives to authentic materials. A word of caution for this trend: make sure to choose high-quality faux materials to ensure that your interior remains stylish instead of tacky. Faux should not feel fake!


Pro-tip: Did you know that we carry a fine line of high quality leather look and faux velvet sofa and sofa beds?


A fine example of this is our OldSchool Sofa Bed. This gorgeous sofa bed is a modern reinterpretation of the Chesterfield sofa of the 18th century. This premium sofa bed features a deep tufted seat and back rest and retro-inspired legs. Choose between high quality stylish faux velvet or leatherlook for this sofa bed.

Oldschool King Single Sofa Bed 



04 Raw White

We’re seeing quite a lot of raw whites for wall colours and room accessories. Raw white is a softer, more mellow shade of white and is a great way to break colours and patterns to your room. For 2017, consider using chalky white, bone white and white ivory instead of beige or stark white.


05 Retro Lighting

Give light and style to your rooms with interesting retro lighting. Go for bold, interesting pendants or retro/vintage lamps to give your room a chic 2017 persona!

 Retro Lighting by Bedworks

06 Greenery

Of course, this post won’t be complete without 2017’s colour of the year- Greenery! Pantone describes greenery as a refreshing and revitalising shade of green. For this colour, we recommend using Greenery as an accent colour to your room. Pairing this colour with raw white makes is a great way to create a bright, modern and relaxing space.


Pro-tip: Instead of painting an accent wall with greenery, why not choose a smart sofa bed in green? Get to do more with your space without sacrificing chic style! Check out our Neat 120 in 221 Flashtex Olive Green for this stylish trend!






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