Smart. Stylish.Danish Designed Sofa Beds

At Innovation Living Sydney, our premium sofa beds are stylishly designed and carefully engineered to provide you with premium sofa beds that help transform your living spaces. 

Our multi-functional sofa beds come in a wide range of vibrant, fade-resisting fabrics. Apart from high style, our Danish designed sofa beds use top quality materials to provide you with the best seating and sleeping experience. 

Embrace smart living and create a stunning space with one of the best sofa beds online from  Innovation Living Sydney. 

Our compact sofa beds are built with different mattress feels to suit different sleeping preference.  

We continuously develop and refine our mattresses in order to give you top quality and durability for truly comfortable sofa bed experience.  Read on to gain an understanding of the different mattress types available. 

Apart from your comfort, we strive to minimise our carbon footprint. That is why we utilise a sustainable, environmentally friendly view on our production as we recover and apply excess foam in the cotton cores of our Classic mattresses. 

Istyle Pocket Spring Mattresses 

Istyle Pocket Spring Mattress 6 -12 cm

A highly durable mattress with a pocket spring core surrounded by layers of high-grade foam casing. This mattress is then supported by a rigid metal frame for strength and durability.

Available for:

Asmund, Bragi, Cassius, Clubber, Debonair, Fiftynine, Ghia, Idun, Idun Lounger, Magni, Myk, Napper, Odin, Oldschool, Puzzle Wood, Unfurl, Recast Plus, Sly, Splitback, Supremax , Tjaze, Trym, Wing and Zeal.

Istyle Excess Pocket Spring Mattress 13-16 cm

The Excess Pocket Spring is a deluxe mattress that gives you a thicker pocket spring system (13-16 cm) for a plush yet well-supported sleeping and seating experience.

Available for:

Bifrost D.E.L., Bifrost Lounger D.E.L, Bifrost Dual D.E.L., Cassius D.E.L., Supremax D.E.L..

Freon-free foam Mattress

Available for:

Cubed Chrome, Cubed Black, Cubed Wood and Cubed with arms

Dual Mattress

A high resilient mattress with a pocket spring core surrounded by two layers of breathable carted cotton on top and one layer underneath. The Dual mattress has a 5 cm mattress pillow on the Istyle pocket spring mattress (6-12cm) . The Dual mattress has a 5 cm mattress pillow 

ensures an extra supportive surface. 

Available for:

Dublexo, Supremax Dual & Long Horn Dual 

Undivided Mattress

This type of mattress features a finely crafted handmade mattress that is easily bendable. This provides you with a luxe and comfortable sleeping and sitting experience with an extra supportive surface.  

Available for:

Frigga, Aslak