Colour Innovation Series: The Magic of Blue

Colour Innovation Series

Colours are a marvellous thing, especially in interior design. Colours brings about an emotion that transforms a dowdy room into a stunning living space. Let our Colour Innovation Series help you choose the perfect colour to create a beautiful, eye-catching interiors that’s right for you.

First up,

The Magic of Blue

Blue is an all-time favourite colour. In a 10-country survey taken last 2015, blue is the top colour of choice, both for men and women. But what is the allure of blue? Why are we drawn to this beautiful colour?

Blue is seen as something honest, trustworthy and stable. As the colour of the sky and the calm seas, we relate blue to concepts of openness, tranquillity and freedom.  In interior design, blue is often used in creating a restful chill spot where one can unwind. It is also an effective colour for a study room or an office as blue creates a de-cluttering effect that lets you think better. Consider painting an accent wall with your favourite shade of blue or perhaps add key pieces, such as accent pillows, artwork or even a nice blue sofa bed that can expand your living space?

Whether decorating for the study or creating a peaceful lounge area, consider the magic of blue to add a stylish and calming effect to your interiors.


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