The power of interior design colours

Colour Me Happy

In this day and age of cold minimalism, colour has been placed in the background for the sheen of metals and polished timber, and the starkness of whites and beiges. With hotel lobbies and high-end living rooms showcasing modern metals, salvaged woods and dreary monochromes, we tend to wonder … whatever happened to warm and vibrant interiors?

Living spaces are supposed to be fun and inviting. It’s a place where we share light moments and a few laughs with friends and family.

Here are a few reasons to bring the cool factor back to your rooms with colour:


Reason One: Colours bring life back to the room

While there certainly is something elegant about light-coloured rooms (beige, white, etc), making a room all too white seems to be too … sterile and hospital-like. We’re not saying to use all the colours of the rainbow in your room. You can still get something tasteful and classy without being stark and formal. Having a POP of colour instantly gives life and warmth to any room.

Paint your room white and use coloured accents to bring life to the room. Interior designer Mally Skok advices room decorators to add a jumble of bright colours for a “wonderfully vibrant room” that still feels contained and controlled. 


Reason Two: Colours starts a conversation

Nothing starts a conversation that a burst of colour. As we are naturally programmed to notice colours, having chic coloured interior pieces, like this gorgeous pink salmon or soft coral Zeal daybed, in a room can turn an otherwise awkward pause into a fun and lively conversation topic.



Reason Three: Colours make a statement

Coco Chanel famously said that interiors are an extension of one’s self. Extend and express yourself in your rooms with colours! Here are some colour meanings to match your personality:


RED                 You are a passionate person who is in love with life and love.

Use red accessories to give a resonant and stimulating vibe to your space.


BLUE               You are formal, sophisticated and fun.

Paint your walls a gorgeous shade of blue or use a striking blue chaise lounge to create a hip and cool area that’s truly you


GREY              You are elegant but not flashy. Chic but not loud.

Give your space a subdued elegant vibe with grey. Mix grey with other elegant colours, like purple, gold or even sapphire to make the feel less austere.


YELLOW          You are a fun, sunny stand-out.

Use yellow-coloured accessories such as a cool lamp, a rug or even a yellow three-seater sofa to create a bright and lively atmosphere.


PINK                You are fresh, feminine and sweet.

Use pink throw pillows or even a pink daybed to make a fun and girly statement to your living space.


GREEN            You are earthy and calm. You are meditative and in tune with the world.

Create a serene and relaxing atmosphere with green decors and accessories or even a nice green arm char.


PURPLE          You appreciate the finer things in life but you aren’t one to brag.

Create a luxurious and expensive vibe with purple walls, accessories or even a plump purple 3-seater/recliner. Not only is purple a “rich” colour, it can also be soothing and gives an air of hidden charm.

If you need the meaning of other colour, click here.

Be Bold! Step away from the plain and mundane and enter the realm of fun, fabulous colour! Whether red, blue or green, colours livens up a room and helps you express your style. Make your room truly your own with colours!


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