How to Start Your Christmas Shopping Early

It’s amazing to see how fast time flies. We’re more than halfway through 2016 and before we know it, ‘tis the SEASON to be Jolly (falalalala-lala-la-la).

To date, there are nearly 100 days left before Christmas. You know what that means …. shopping wars Christmas Rush is fast approaching!

Though shopping is usually therapeutic, Christmas shopping isn’t.

Thinking about THE PERFECT GIFT for your loved ones is not as easy. And even if you already have a good gift idea, being able to actually finding and buying said gift item is a whole different story. As December 25 gets nearer and nearer, the supposed-to-be-fun shopping activity will turn to a classic case of “nightmare before Christmas” IF YOU DON’T PLAN AHEAD!

Avoid being a stressed scrooge and have a truly Merry Christmas by avoiding the Christmas rush and creating an early Christmas shopping plan! Here are a few tips:

Tip No. 1 – Make your own Naughty-or-Nice List as early as NOW

Create a list of people that you absolutely need to buy Christmas gifts for. Creating your Christmas gift list ahead of the Christmas rush will allow you to avoid the hassle of oh-my-goodness-i-forgot-to-buy-a-present-for-my-dear-aunt-Louise moment. Having a list earlier in the season will also allow you plan a gift budget per person and also what to buy for those in the list.


Tip No. 2 – Pace your shopping

There are only 15 weeks left before Christmas. This means you only have 15 weekends to buy gifts. Plan whose gifts to buy for the next couple of weeks to avoid the stress of last-minute shopping. This will also allow you to pace your budget instead of a one-time-big-time splurge.

Bonus Tip: IF you do your Christmas shopping early, you’ll have top of the pick instead of fighting over leftovers


Tip No. 3 – Buy buffer gifts

Even with a carefully laid out plan, you are bound to forget to buy a present for one or two persons OR worse, encounter unexpected additions to your list at the last minute. Add a stock of versatile, gift items to cover all bases. Having buffer gifts will make you being the generous Santa that you really are instead of the green evil Grinch.


Tip No. 4 – Stick to a budget

No, seriously. Stick to a budget. Going over budget is way WAAY worse than last-minute shopping. Doing Christmas Shopping earlier will allow you to monitor your spending and avoid breaking the bank with gift giving. Christmas is about the spirit of giving, and not the spirit of –going-bankrupt.

Also, don’t feel guilty about having a small budget, it’s the thought that counts!


Tip No. 5 – Plan to have a good time this Christmas

Christmas is the perfect time to be with your loved ones.

Christmas is the best time to throw some sausages on the barbie, pull up some beers and have a merry time in the beach while sharing gifts and laughter. That’s why, as early as now, plan to have a good time during the Holidays. Make sure to plan your Christmas spread ahead, think of games or activities to play and ensure that visiting guests and relatives have a good and comfortable place to sleep.

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