Read These Tips Before You Decide To Pick Up Your New Sofa Bed

Get the Perfect Sofa Bed For Your Living Space With These Simple Tips

Not all sofa beds are created equal. With the myriad of selections available in the market, selecting the perfect sofa bed can be daunting.

As living spaces get smaller and smaller, we need to be smart in choosing the perfect sofa bed that fits our lifestyle. That is why we’ve compiled a few simple tips to help you make that sofa bed investment:



People buy a sofa bed in order to save space. As each square foot is precious, maximising your space is the number one priority. That is why you need to consider the size and dimension of the sofa bed.

In deciding what sofa bed to get, ask yourself these questions:

‘what bed size do I need?’

‘how many seater should the sofa be?’

And the most important question: Will it fit?’

There’s a saying that goes “Big things come in small packages”.  This is very true when it comes to sofa beds. Get a compactly designed sofa bed that is big enough to suit your space.

The Cubed 160 is a compactly designed 3-seater sofa that swiftly transforms into a queen size bed in three easy steps.  The Cubed 160 is small enough to fit any small space but is big enough to suit your needs.







A sofa bed is a multi-functional piece that will be used constantly for both seating and sleeping. That is why you need to get a sofa bed that is comfortable – and not just comfortable, mind you. You need something durable as well.  You need a comfortable and durable sofa bed that provides excellent support while sleeping or seating.

Just like buying a mattress, consider how the seat and back rest of the sofa bed is made. What type of spring system does it use - open coil or pocket spring? Is the foam good enough? You need to love sitting and sleeping in your sofa bed.

If it’s not comfortable enough and breaks down easily, don’t buy it.

A combination of pocket springs and high-grade foam provides the perfect comfort for sofa beds. Pocket springs are individually housed in their own pockets and work together to distribute your weight evenly. This create a balanced support and minimises partner disturbance. Innovation living’s range of sofa beds combines pocket springs and high grade foam for the utmost sleeping and seating comfort.






TIP NO. 3 – FUNCTION-ability

Your space is limited. A Sofa bed presents a smart innovation to help you maximise your living area.

If you’re space-saving, get a sofa bed that can give you MORE. How about a sofa bed that can double as a recliner? Or a sofa bed that can combine with other furniture to really expand your space?

Don’t work around your sofa bed. Get your sofa bed to work for you!

The Frigga Three-Seater Double Sofa Bed gives you a sofa, a recliner, a double bed and a day bed in one stylish package. Featuring plush, tufted upholstering, the Frigga’s modern design is complemented with a four-step head elevation in bed configuration, and two reclining position as a sofa. What’s more, you get a storage underneath the Frigga so you can easily store beddings, blankets and other necessities when not in use. Talk about a SMART SOFA BED!







The focal point of your living room will always be the sofa, and in this case - the sofa bed. The sofa is where you and your loved ones gather to talk and bond. So naturally, you need a focal point that’s both stylish and comfortable.  Make sure that the sofa bed that you choose can be customised to suit your taste. Consider the colour swatches, shapes and leg options if available.

Reflect your sense of style with your sofa bed.



Choose a bold colour (click here for more details of interior colours) or an iconic shape for a sofa bed that makes your living room #interiorgoals .  

Supremax Deluxe Oak Legs

Innovation Living offers you a wide range sofa bed customisation, from gorgeous upholstery to leg options so you can make your sofa bed truly your own. 



Getting a sofa bed is an investment and should not be taken lightly. Buying a sofa bed is like buying a sofa AND a bed. With these tips, get a sofa bed that’s absolutely right for you!


Innovation Living Sydney combines style, comfort and function to create a smart, compact sofa bed that fits your lifestyle.  We carry an exquisite range of fashionable, Danish-designed sofa bed that present an unparalleled seating and sleeping experience. Check our online store to see one of the best sofa beds in Australia! Expand your living space with Innovation Living Sydney sofa beds!


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